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Purify Your Home to Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

We are a lifestyle and aesthetics brand from Hong Kong, established in early 2022.

We believe in the powerful and intangible energy of all natural flora and fauna. Our mission is to create a comfortable atmosphere through our selection of natural lifestyle products, thereby fostering positive emotions.

In addition to our pioneering handmade Palo Santo wood core candles, we focus on developing Palo Santo wood products and wood-scented aromatics, committed to crafting each product in small, high-quality batches.

We also actively collaborate with various brands to explore the endless possibilities of different types of wood, helping people draw strength from forest plants to face life's challenges.


Unveiling the Mysteries Behind the Production of Peruvian Palo Santo Wick Candles!

Palo Santo Wood Crafts and Woody Aroma Products



平常關注Good Vibes Select的朋友們,大家應該都是初次認識我們。你們可能會很好奇,究竟什麼人在品牌的背後呢?他們的個性又怎樣呢?

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秘魯聖木Palo Santo|選購聖木大解構+聖木身心靈性上的淨化功效分享

Peruvian Palo Santo | Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Palo Santo and Its Spiritual Purification Benefits

This article offers insights into selecting Palo Santo, including how it produces its fragrance, the differences between male and female Palo Santo, how to preserve its scent,...

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秘魯聖木 Palo Santo|聖木究竟來自哪裏? 是誰發現聖木的淨化療癒功效呢?

Peruvian Palo Santo | Where Does Palo Santo Originate From? Who Discovered Its Purifying and Healing Properties?

Palo Santo, a tree discovered in South America, is commonly found in regions of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and parts of Brazil. In 2000, Dante from Italy arrived in...

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秘魯聖木Palo Santo|聖木好難燒?聖木怎麼燒才正確?

Peruvian Palo Santo | Is Palo Santo Difficult to Burn? How to Burn Palo Santo Correctly?

We often receive inquiries from customers about how to burn Palo Santo and what to do with it after burning. Knowing that there are many questions, we have...

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秘魯聖木 Palo Santo|秘魯聖木樹幹杯背後的故事

Peruvian Palo Santo | The Story Behind the Peruvian Palo Santo Tree Trunk Cup

In this design project for the Peruvian Palo Santo tree trunk, we aim to preserve the unique grain of the tree trunk, shaped by nature and time, offering a...

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香氛蠟燭推薦! 生日禮物、節日送禮最佳選品 Good Vibes Select 香氛蠟燭禮盒包裝面世了!

Fragrance Candle Recommendation! The Perfect Gift for Birthdays and Holidays: Good Vibes Select Fragrance Candle Gift Box Now Available!

Our fragrance candle packaging, designed by the illustrator Man, features five unique illustrations, aiming to infuse each handcrafted candle with the harmonious and healing vibes of nature. These candles...

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