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秘魯聖木 Palo Santo|聖木究竟來自哪裏? 是誰發現聖木的淨化療癒功效呢?

Peruvian Palo Santo | Where Does Palo Santo Originate From? Who Discovered Its Purifying and Healing Properties?

Palo Santo, which has recently gained immense popularity worldwide, is a type of tree found in South America. Many of our clients have heard of this wood but are unfamiliar with its properties and benefits, so let's delve into it!


Palo Santo Tree, Photo from Ben Littauer 秘魯聖木

Palo Santo Tree, Photo by Ben Littauer Palo Santo Tree, Photo by Ben Littauer


Where Does Palo Santo Originate From?

Palo Santo, a tree native to South America, is commonly found in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and parts of Brazil. It thrives in arid desert environments and is known to withstand drought conditions for up to 50 years. However, it grows rapidly when it rains.

Palo Santo Originated in Inca Tribe Shamanic Rituals

So, who discovered this tree? Palo Santo dates back to the 15th century during the Inca Empire. The shamans of the Inca tribes were aware of its natural fragrance and its ability to purify land from evil spirits and dark energies, so they used it in their rituals.

Rediscovered by a Spanish Monk in the Eighteenth Century

Later, around 1824, about 200 years ago, a Spanish monk named Karl rediscovered the purifying and healing properties of Palo Santo during his expedition in South America. Hence, the name Palo Santo, which means 'Holy Wood' in Spanish, was coined by the Spanish.


Mr. Dante Bolcato 

Mr. Dante Bolcato, Photo from Huari Magazine


Promoted Worldwide by Italian Dante in the Twentieth Century

In 2000, Mr. Dante Bolcato from Bologna, Italy, tired of his monotonous life as a psychotherapist, went to Ecuador in search of the perfect scent. On his fourth day, he discovered Palo Santo, deeply moved by its relaxing and tranquil aroma. He extensively researched Palo Santo, understanding its various forms, characteristics, and growing conditions. He then started large-scale distillation of Palo Santo essential oil and other related products. As people began paying more attention to mental health, the powerful space cleansing and stress-relieving functions of Palo Santo became widely known.

Dante, being the first to commercialize Palo Santo and promote it worldwide, brought significant income to the people of Ecuador, earning their deep respect. Despite being one of the wealthy foreigners in the area, he faced no threats or dangers; in fact, even if he left his doors unlocked, there were no thefts, unlike other foreigners who faced robberies and dangers.

Dante eventually settled in Ecuador, opening a small shop at a street corner selling various Palo Santo products and actively engaging in reforestation.


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