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秘魯聖木Palo Santo|選購聖木大解構+聖木身心靈性上的淨化功效分享

Peruvian Palo Santo | Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Palo Santo and Its Spiritual Purification Benefits

In the previous article, we discussed how Palo Santo, a tree from South America, has been used since the 15th century in rituals for space purification. Later, an Italian named Dante popularized the use of Palo Santo for its space purification and stress-relieving properties worldwide.


Palo Santo

Palo Santo Palo Santo Tree in Peru


How Does Palo Santo Produce Its Fragrance?

Palo Santo has long branches and short trunks, making it top-heavy. Therefore, when it rains heavily, the branches fall off. It is these naturally fallen and disease-free branches that form resin in the heartwood, producing the rich fragrance of Palo Santo. Freshly cut Palo Santo, on the other hand, does not produce resin or fragrance.


What's the Difference Between Dark Yellow and Light Yellow Palo Santo?

Palo Santo is generally divided into male and female trees, growing in groups with one male to eight females. Female trees typically live for about 40-50 years, while male trees can live up to 200 years.

They have distinct characteristics. Female Palo Santo wood is yellow, solid, and heavy; male Palo Santo is lighter in color and weight. The fragrance of female trees is more intense than that of male trees, and they are also more expensive.


Palo Santo 秘魯聖木

Palo Santo Burning Palo Santo Sticks


Why Does the Fragrance of Palo Santo Fade Over Time?

Palo Santo's fragrance fades over time due to sealing. To maintain its fragrance, you can wipe it with a dry cloth, using the warmth of your hands to slowly release the oils. Alternatively, you can store Palo Santo in a sealed bag or glass container to concentrate the fragrance again. It should be kept in a dry place to avoid getting wet.


Does Black Smoke from Burning Indicate Fake Palo Santo?

When purchasing Palo Santo, it's important to choose suppliers who import directly from the origin and are certified for sustainability by national forestry authorities. All our Palo Santo is directly imported from Peru and certified by SERFOR, guaranteeing authenticity.

Black smoke is often due to the black charcoal left from previous burning. Simply wiping it clean with a tissue can eliminate the black smoke.


Purifying Effects of Palo Santo on Mind, Body, and Spirit

1. Purifies Space, Eliminates Negative Energy, and Attracts Positive Energy: 

Palo Santo is well-known for its space purification capabilities, but it also has the unique ability to attract positive energy and good fortune. Unlike other common purification tools like sage (which only dispels negative energy) and cedar (which removes all energies, including negative and positive, mainly used for warding off evil), Palo Santo can eliminate negative energy and attract positive energy. Its healing power is potent, effectively clearing negative thoughts and misfortune from the energy field it contacts.

Additionally, since Palo Santo resin is produced after natural death, it symbolically represents rebirth after death, powerfully expressing the vitality of rebirth after the tree's demise.


2. Relaxes and Reduces Stress, Alleviates Pain

Palo Santo is rich in Limonene, which studies have shown to be effective in relieving stress. Therefore, the aroma of Palo Santo might help relax and effectively reduce anxiety. Another benefit found in animal studies is pain relief. It is generally used to treat various types of pain and inflammation, such as arthritis, headaches, sore throats, etc. However, more scientific evidence is needed to confirm its actual effects on humans.


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