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秘魯聖木 Palo Santo|秘魯聖木樹幹杯背後的故事

Peruvian Palo Santo | The Story Behind the Peruvian Palo Santo Tree Trunk Cup

Amidst our busy workdays, we cherish our weekends spent wandering in the mountains, basking in the tranquility and vitality of lush trees, and admiring the unique beauty of each one. As experienced carpenters and designers, we love exploring the characteristics of various types of wood. When we encountered Palo Santo from different origins, we were amazed by its unique fragrance and instantly fell in love.

We noticed that Palo Santo is often used in its burning form to harness its space-purifying effects, but this often overlooks its inherent, unique aroma. Starting with our first product, the Palo Santo Wick Candle, we've been challenging the traditional use of Palo Santo. From burning Palo Santo sticks to combining the burning of Palo Santo wicks with candles, we've found ways to avoid the quick extinguishing issue that comes with burning Palo Santo.


Handcraft Palo Santo mug

Peruvian Palo Santo Tree Trunk Cup Lid and Inside


But upon deeper reflection, we wondered if burning was the only way to utilize its properties. Observing its fragrance and lines in different forms, we reconsidered the wood's qualities and reevaluated the use of Palo Santo. We discovered that besides directly burning Palo Santo to produce white smoke, crafting the wood into a diffuser cup could also release its aroma.

In this design project for the Peruvian Palo Santo tree trunk, we aimed to preserve the unique grain of the tree trunk, retaining all the natural environmental and time-worn traces. We wanted to offer a pure experience of visual and olfactory aesthetics, extending the life of Palo Santo.

We insist that each Palo Santo tree trunk piece is our own design and entirely handmade, specially tailored to the shape of the Palo Santo, making each piece unique and a testament to its 'experience'.


Palo Santo production behind the scene

Peruvian Palo Santo Tree Trunk Cup Making Process


This new venture is more than just a business for us; it's an opportunity to showcase Hong Kong craftsmanship. Often, when it comes to handicrafts, people prefer products from abroad or Southeast Asia, like Japan and Taiwan, believing their craftsmanship to be more refined and detailed. However, we aim to demonstrate the meticulous craftsmanship of Hong Kong, bringing a fresh perspective to everyone.

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