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Peruvian Palo Santo Essential Oil Diffuser vs Palo Santo Wood: How to Choose Q&A

Peruvian Palo Santo Essential Oil Diffuser vs Palo Santo Wood: How to Choose Q&A

1. What are the differences in diffusing capabilities between the Peruvian Palo Santo Essential Oil Diffuser and Palo Santo Wood?

The Peruvian Palo Santo Essential Oil Diffuser has a higher diffusing capability compared to Palo Santo Wood, offering more flexibility in terms of space usage. It can be used in rooms, living rooms, and offices, effectively covering an area of about 80-150 square feet. However, this also depends on the user's sensitivity to the fragrance, as everyone's sense of smell varies.

Palo Santo Wood is generally recommended for use in closer proximity, like beside the bed or on a desk, catering to small-scale diffusion. It is more suitable for users with a sensitive sense of smell.


2. How do their purification abilities differ?

The Peruvian Palo Santo Essential Oil Diffuser is more targeted towards purifying spaces, whereas Palo Santo Wood is commonly used for cleansing and recharging crystals.

3. Can I pour Palo Santo essential oil on Palo Santo Wood or sticks?

During our tests, we found that pouring Palo Santo essential oil on flat pieces of Palo Santo Wood or sticks resulted in very weak diffusion and required a large amount of essential oil, which was wasteful.

Therefore, we chose to use granulated Palo Santo, utilizing the multi-faceted nature of the granules for diffusion, which proved to be much more effective than using flat pieces or sticks. Additionally, the multi-angular shape of the diffuser bottle was specially selected to ensure sufficient space for diffusion between the granules. When not in use, covering the bottle can temporarily store the fragrance.

Thus, if using Palo Santo essential oil for diffusion, we recommend pairing it with Palo Santo granules.

4. Are there any precautions to take when using the Peruvian Palo Santo Essential Oil Diffuser?

The Palo Santo granules are for permanent use and do not need to be replaced. After each use, cover the bottle to prevent exposure to water and dust.

In a room, about three to five drops are sufficient; in larger spaces, six to eight drops may be needed. It's best to start with a small amount each time to avoid overuse.

5. Does Palo Santo Wood have issues with pests?

The Palo Santo Wood we select comes directly from Peru and is certified by the government for sustainable harvesting. Before export, it undergoes government inspection and quarantine to ensure it is free from pests before being shipped to Hong Kong, so you can use it with confidence.

Avoid getting the wood wet, and if it does get wet, dry it immediately to prevent any issues.

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