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香氛蠟燭推薦! 生日禮物、節日送禮最佳選品 Good Vibes Select 香氛蠟燭禮盒包裝面世了!

Fragrance Candle Recommendation! The Perfect Gift for Birthdays and Holidays: Good Vibes Select Fragrance Candle Gift Box Now Available!

Continuously innovating in craftsmanship, we also seek artistic inspiration to bring a heartwarming touch to everyone who receives our fragrance candles, making them the ideal choice for birthday gifts and holiday presents. We aim to infuse the fresh and harmonious colors of nature into every space. Our fragrance candle packaging, designed by the illustrator Man, features five unique illustrations, blending the serene and healing vibes of nature into each candle handcrafted by our artisans.

In the composition, we have visualized the fragrance, choosing a warm palette of pinks to evoke a cozy and joyful atmosphere.





The entire new packaging series of fragrance candles is now available for sale.

Our range of handcrafted fragrance candles includes:

  • 【Long-lasting Purification | Attracting Good Fortune】Peruvian Palo Santo Wick Candle (Palo Santo Wick)
  • 【Soothing Emotions | Aiding Sleep】Rose Garden - Rose Cedar Candle (Cotton Wick)
  • 【Bringing Calmness | Organizing Thoughts】Ocean Breeze - Sea Salt Sandalwood Candle (Cotton Wick)
  • 【Relieving Tension | Aiding Sleep】Nordic Forest - Resin Fir, Pine, Vetiver Candle (Cotton Wick)
  • 【Uplifting Mood | Relieving Anxiety】Sweet Berries - Blue Agave and Berry Candle (Cotton Wick)
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