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在家工作要有儀式感! 6個簡易提升居家氛圍、帶來好運的方法

Creating Rituals for Working from Home: 6 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Home Atmosphere and Attract Good Fortune

With just one month left until the Lunar New Year, it's time to tidy up your space and take inventory of your home items to create a more beautiful atmosphere for the new year.

I believe that most things have energy. It's a life force that can be experienced through the senses, such as color, shape, sound, touch, temperature, aroma, etc. These can create the energy of a space and shape a unique atmosphere. Therefore, these tangible sensory experiences make the idea of changing energy not so far-fetched, especially when facing difficulties in life.

Here are 6 ways to keep your space positive and joyful:

  1. Keep the Air Fresh

Open your windows to let the air circulate. After a day's work, if the space has not had air circulation for a long time, you will often smell an unpleasant odor. If you live in an area with severe air pollution, consider using an air purifier or plug in a glowing Himalayan salt lamp. You can also light a scented candle with your favorite fragrance to fill the air around you with happiness.


Learn more about scented candles: Palo Santo Wick Candle


  1. Do a Thorough Cleaning

Whenever you feel "heavy" or emotionally unstable, it's likely that dust has accumulated in the corners and crevices of your living space, or it's very messy. These can block the flow of energy, so regularly clean and tidy up your home.

  1. Add Your Favorite Colors

Each color brings different energy to a space. Yellow usually adds brightness, green stimulates growth and increases flexibility, red brings prosperity, and orange feels warm and joyful. Although there are many meanings behind colors and it's often impossible to combine them all, choose to display your favorite color in your space.

Read more: - The Art of Space Colors: Understanding Design and How to Play with Colors

  1. Throw Away Bad Memories

Donate any items related to painful memories, such as breakups, failed interviews, work struggles, etc., like photos, books, clothes, furniture, and other useless things. You might have heard of Marie Kondo, the Japanese "organizing consultant," who advises to discard anything that doesn't spark joy. This philosophy helps you focus only on things you love and that make you happy, rather than items that don't touch your heart.

Read more: Netflix - Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

  1. Add Soft Home Goods

Research shows that touching soft objects can increase our comfort and sense of security in a space. Consider laying a blanket on the sofa, adding soft cushions, or placing a rug on the floor. They can refresh your home.

Recommendation: [Ecuadorian Handicraft] Ethnic Totem Alpaca Wool Felt Wool Blanket

  1. Mu~sic !!

Open Spotify and select your favorite music. It's that simple to instantly enhance the atmosphere of your space. Music has therapeutic effects, increasing dopamine and reducing anxiety.

Here's my favorite music playlist that can instantly turn your home into a cafe!

Spotify Playlist: Loft Chill By Dane Castro

Let me know how it turns out or if you have any small home decor ideas, feel free to message me :)

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