Good Vibes Select 生活美學選物店是一個來自香港的生活美學品牌,成立於2022年初。

我們相信所有大自然的動植物都有其強大而無形的能量,而這種能量影響着空間的氛圍。人們會透過五感去感受空間甚至世界, 從而影響情緒、思想、運氣和選擇。

我們相信Good Vibes Good Life,希望透過來自大自然的生活選物,營造出舒適的氛圍,從而帶動積極的情緒。這不但可以吸引美好的人和事進入生命,同時都是幫助吸引內心渴望的事物發生的關鍵。





Good Vibes Select is a lifestyle aesthetic brand from Hong Kong, established in early 2022.

We believe that all creature in nature possess a strong and invisible energy that affects the atmosphere of a space. People feel the space and even the world, which in turn affects their emotions, thoughts, luck, and choices.

We embrace the philosophy "Good Vibes Good Life," hoping to create a comfortable atmosphere through selections from nature, thereby fostering positive emotions. This is not only key to attracting good people and events into one's life but also in attracting what the heart desires.

In addition to our signature handcrafted Peruvian Palo Santo core candles, we focus on developing fine Palo Santo goods and woody scent products, committed to creating each item in small batches with high-quality craftsmanship.

We actively collaborate with different brands to explore the infinite possibilities of various types of wood, helping everyone gain the strength to face challenges from forest plants.

The platform also carefully selects brands that share common values to add a sense of ritual to life.