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Why can the aroma of Palo Santo essential oil also purify space?

Some customers have further questions, such as why the aroma of Palo Santo essential oil can purify space when traditionally only the smoke from burning Palo Santo sticks is used for purification.

Palo Santo has long been used in rituals to purify spaces, utilizing the power of the wind to change and transform the energy of a space. The fragrance of Palo Santo fills the entire area, not only bringing pleasure but also helping to purify the space and attract positive energy.

Air contains not only the oxygen necessary for life but also an important element called prana, or life energy. This is why prana is emphasized in yoga breathing, as breathing is one of the key ways to obtain and absorb the life energy around us.

When the air in your living environment becomes clean, you create a space with good energy. You will gradually notice that the atmosphere of the space becomes clearer, more vibrant, and cleaner, and even the colors may appear brighter.

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